Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Dress

I don't know about you guys but my family has been fighting off sicknesses left and right. I am just now getting over pneumonia. Nothing worse than a busy Mom being in bed for a week. Thank the heavens for a good husband. Sadly, it has put a delay on all things creative for a while. Fortunately, my family seems to be getting past everything so I have been able to start getting in the swing of things again. Just in time for the holidays.

Now that I am healthy again made Fall inspired paneled circle skirt dress. It's perfect for Thanksgiving. I have made this style before here. Like most sewist I have a bit of an addiction to fabrics and all of the glorious designs & patterns they come in. This dress uses four of those glorious fabrics. 

It's a full circle skirt so it has a lot a spin to it. Hannah has been pestering me to wear it every time she sees it. I am making her wait till Thanksgiving Day though.

As I pointed out in my last sewing post I have a new obsession with Yo-Yo's. I really liked how it worked out for the last dress I made for Hannah and it incorporates more of those fabrics I love so much so I couldn't resist.

I learned my lesson though, Yo-yo's don't wash well. This time I attached it to a hair clip so it can be removed for washing and bonus it can be clipped anywhere including her hair. 

I decided to add a little something extra this time. A simple zigzag stitch in contrasting thread on the skirt trim. When I think of Fall I think of zigzags for some reason. Must be jack-o-lantern mouths, scarecrows or something. I love how it turned out. I need to get familiar with my decorative stitches on my machine and start adding more accents like this to my projects.

Since we live in Ohio State Buckeye country I have been requested to make this dress in scarlet and grey for an OSU inspired dress. I have collected the fabrics and I'm looking forward to making it. I will post pictures when it is done.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Recipe - Oatmeal & Banana Magic Bullet Pancakes

I adapted this from two other recipes. This one here and here. The recipe only feeds 2 people (or two toddlers & one grown-up). I love that this is super easy, gluten & casein (dairy) free and does not produce leftovers. This is a perfect weekday breakfast for me and the kids. They do have more of a soft custard quality rather than the bread like quality since they are primarily banana and egg. Going gluten free I much prefer this over the gritty results that most gluten free flour blends produce, I think the kids do too.
Gather the ingredients
Add the oats to a clean dry blender.
Pulverize Oats in Magic Bullet until ground.
Add the remaining ingredients to the blender and blend till smooth.
This is how it should look. I typically have to scrape down the sides once.
This is the oil I use in the pan. I just love this stuff. It never leaves a gummy coating on my pans and it is healthier than other oils.

Heat coconut oil in the pan over medium heat and cook like a regular pancake.
Serve with syrup, fruit or whatever you like on your typical pancakes and enjoy!

Oatmeal & Banana Magic Bullet Pancakes
Serves 2 (makes 8 small pancakes)

1/2 c G/F Rolled Oats
2 eggs 
1 large ripe bananas
1/4 c Apple Sauce
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
1/8 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
coconut oil for the pan (I really like the coconut oil spray from Trader Joe's)

1.  Pulverize Oats in Magic Bullet until ground.
2.  add the other ingredients (all but the coconut oil) to the bullet cup & blend
3.  Heat coconut oil in the pan over medium heat and cook like a regular pancake.  

Serve topped with powdered sugar or syrup. 

Doubling the ingredients in 1 bullet cup would be too much and overflow or not blend properly (even in the biggest cup). I have doubled this recipe by using a second bullet cup (same blade). The key is to pulverize the 1/2 cup of oats in each of the cups before moving to on to step 2. Once the blade is wet or damp it makes it impossible to ground the oats.

I love the magic bullet I just wish you got more than one of the double blades or they made it possible to purchase a second/replacement one(s).

Another option is to use a large blender or food processor and double, triple or even quadruple the ingredients. I have not tried this however so I do not know how well it would work. 

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick-Or-Treat Bags

I'm a little ridiculous for all things fall. So when an opportunity presents itself to combine the two things, crafting and fall, I get a little giddy and tend to go over board. A couple years ago I made Samuel and Hannah trick-or-treat bags that received rave reviews. This year I decided to make a ton and sell them. I did pretty good and enjoyed the process as well. Both bags were originally inspired by Pinterest but I added some special details that my original bags are lacking. 

The first and my favorite is the ruffle bag. Its built on basic canvas bag. I add a ton of ruffles, a lining and a coordinating yo yo or bow. 
I have become a little yo yo obsessed now that I know how easy they are to make and I love how they add that little something.

It took a little work but I figured out how to get the liner to work just right.

This a girly version of the simple boy bag I made for my son. I rather like the ruffle up, it has a tissue paper in a gift bag effect. The following two are a more basic ruffle.

These are what I call The Simple Boy Bag. They are sturdy bags. My son literally drug his around the neighborhood through puddles and mud. I have machine washed it twice and it still looks great.

I have a few bags left in a variety of different styles and fabrics. I figured I will add to my Etsy's shop for next year. If anyone is interested before the shop is open, send me an email at

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Back on Track - Catalog of Creations

Wow that was quite the extended baby break. I was really hopeful that I would get to post something before now but life has been very busy. I won't bore you with the details just know everyone is happy and healthy.

I have been very busy creating and not given much time or thought to documenting hence no posts. I have really missed it. The other day I was pondering what all I have made over the past months and I can't remember everything. Since I haven't been blogging I don't even have the blog to refer to. So in effort to remedy that here is a list of the creations...

After winter KCW I got to work on some basics for the new baby. A baby blanket (shown in the picture below), a bunch of wash cloths and burp cloths. They are nothing fancy but are needed for every new baby and so much better than anything that you can buy at the store.

Then came Spring KCW. My daughter was in desperate need of clothes and PJ's for the upcoming warm weather season. KCW was exactly the excuse I needed to get some stuff done for her right before the baby got here. First was the Izzy Top and a pair of light denim Capri's from Butterick pattern B4176.

 I love both of these patterns and plan on making them both again for next year. And since Terri expanded her free pattern size to 6-12 I will probably be making this for years to come.
Isn't this floral fabric great? I was very lucky to win fabric from  during the winter KCW. I picked this and a couple other meters of triple gauze that I think I will be using for some winter PJ's for Hannah. 
Next up: the PJ's. I made a total of three of the matching peasant top with the cropped PJ pants. I used the free The Raglan Sleeve Night Dress pattern from iKat bag for the peasant top and the Simplicity 5382 pattern for the cropped pants I just reduced the length.

I wish I had a picture of Hannah in these, they truly were darling. Another do over for next summer and a night gown version of the peasant top. I think it was the little details added that made me love these so much.
These pants were just so easy to make since they are only two pieces so I just zipped through another three and paired them with white under shirts my son had grown out of. 
My husband says that these reminds him of an Easter egg but hey they're cute aren't they?
I figured for the really hot days my daughter needed some sleeping shorts so I made a couple using the same Simplicity pattern as the cropped pants. 

A friend of mine had a little girl a couple weeks before I had my baby. This is her first child so it was another awesome excuse to sew a bunch of stuff. I was able to make a bunch of the baby basics; baby blanket, wash cloths, burp cloths, a quilted taggy and some paci clips. I also made her a little Geranium top (size 3-6 month) with matching bloomers using the Made pattern. Isn't it cute? 

Once summer was here it was very obvious that Hannah's church dresses from last year were just not cutting it. I dug through my pile of patterns and came across the Absolutely A-line dress pattern book and decided to try out the wrap dress version. To be honest I didn't love this pattern or instructions. Next time I will just draft my own. With some tweaking though it still turned out. 
I love this fabric and love that it is fully lined. Hannah on the other hand did not like it. "It's not a twirly dress Mama!" She couldn't get it off fast enough. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Since I was informed that the dresses needed to twirl I got to work on the simple full circle skirt dress that I crafted before here


Needless to say, it's pink and purple and really can twirly, it was a hit.

Another addition to the church dresses is this pattern from McCall's M5835. I used some old quilting fabric from my stash that I thought fit this style pretty well. Hannah's Just OK with it. There is just enough gathering that it give it some twirl.

I used the suggestions found on this blog post to simplify the assembly of the bodice. On colder day's I find this pairs nicely with a long sleeve T and leggings.   

I spent my late summer making baby baskets for our church's Harvest Ball and Silent Auction. I was in baby mode and was loving the results of these handmade baby items so figured others would too. I did one boy and one girl basket since I just couldn't find a collection of gender neutral fabrics that I liked. The baskets consist of a minky baby blanket, a diaper changing clutch, burp clothes, wash clothes, bibs and quilted taggy. I even had a crafty friend of mine throw in baby thank you cards and made a shower card myself so the basket can easily be given as a gift.
I really should have taken better pictures of these but you can kinda see the baby items I have been making. I have a couple of orders for more these so I will take much better pictures and post them.

And last but not least, my most important creation...

I know this picture doesn't show it but he is such a happy baby. I didn't realize how much our family needed his little personality. Such a joy!

I have been sewing up a bunch of fall goodies too but I think I will save those for one of my next post.

I have the goal to establish an Etsy shop after the first of the year. My shop will have a mix of different things but all kid oriented. Until then if there is anything that you see on my blog that you would love for me to make for you to purchase (excluding items that are made from license restrictive patterns) send an email to 


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Friday, May 2, 2014

Little Quail three is almost here and I am so behind

We made it! Today is the day little Quail number 3 will be delivered. I have been scheduled for induction for tonight at 8pm (odd time of day, I know) so I guess he most likely won't make his appearance till the wee hours of tomorrow technically. It is surreal to think this time tomorrow I will be holding him in my arms. It has been a long month and a roller coaster of a pregnancy but we made it.

This pregnancy as well as a bunch of other family stuff has really put a cramp in my blogging and slowed down my sewing but I have still managed to be pretty productive. My last post I was able to show you what I produced for the winter Kids Clothing Week. Since then I completed several baby sewing project, participated in the spring Kids Clothing Week, drafted a new pattern for a bible cover and created a new recipe. Were I am lacking is in my communication. I am hoping in the few weeks I can do a week long series of posting that I can share all those things with you.

The next time you hear from me it will be to share baby news and pictures.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter 2014 Kids Clothing Week

I have been pretty focused this past week on completing the few sewing items I allowed myself to indulge in. Granted they were necessary it still felt like an indulgence. It was a reminder why I spent the last few months yearning to sew. When I had the last doctors appointment that told me I was free and clear to carry on normally I knew I was going to get to participate in Kids Clothing Week. I also knew I was going to need to keep it simple and not over do it, regardless I was excited. 

With Easter and my due date pretty much on top of each other I decided that Hannah's Easter dress had to take priority. I had been wanting to make this dress since last spring and was sad at thoughts that I would have to settle on a nothing special store bought dress. Happily that all changed with the good report from the doctor. 

Being afforded the opportunity I decided to take it to the limit. No corner cutting here (in work and effort not cost). It's fully lined (skirt and all) with covered buttons, eyelet trim, a big sash and a separate petticoat. After all I missed out on making her Christmas dress why not go big for Easter. 

(excuse the pictures - we had very poor natural light today)

I found two separate pieces of the aqua fabric in a remnants bin at Walmart last spring and have no idea what type of fabric it is. It has the feel of a really light cotton gauze. The color looks amazing with her eyes and skin color. It, by it self, is way too thin and the textured design of the fabric causes it to be pretty transparent so I paired it with a white muslin I have had in my stash for years. The covered buttons came from the stash too. The dress pattern is the free Party Dress pattern by The Cottage Mama and I used the petticoat tutorial by Sew Fearless. The only special purchases I had to make where on the dress's white eyelet trim and the petticoat's white tulle and nylon lining fabric, all from Hobby Lobby. All said and done, I have to double check receipts from last year to be 100% sure but, I think I spent less then $10 on the dress and petticoat. (Lord knows I will probably spend more on the shoes)

Doesn't this dress scream vintage? I love it! I would have loved to get pictures of Hannah in her dress but it wasn't in the cards. If we have a good day for pictures this week I will try and get them posted as soon as possible.

I love that the petticoat is separate one for cleaning, two for versatility and three I don't need to sew with tulle again till she grows out of it. If I am lucky this will still fit for Christmas this year. I have a new found respect for those that make veils. Tulle is challenging to work with. I didn't intend for the seam between the tank and the skirt to be on the outside (as outside as an under garment can be) but in hindsight I think it was a happy accident. This way it will not rub against Hannah's very sensitive skin. The sash of the dress should hide any excess bulk caused by the seam.

After I completed my big project for the week I still had time to complete one more item. I decided on a long sleeve t-shirt dress. 

I picked up the heart pattern jersey knit a couple weeks ago at JoAnn Fabric. Usually, I can never find patterned knit fabrics at JoAnn's that I like so I was really surprised when I came across this one. I could not pass it up. Aren't the hearts perfect for Valentines? I used the Flashback Tee pattern by Made by Rae with some of her recommended alterations to make it into a dress and for the puff sleeves.  

I purchased the teal chevron FOE (fold over elastic) from Banberry Place months ago for no particular reason other than just loving it. This was my first time using FOE and just like all knit neck bindings it has a bit of a learning curve. This was my last step on an otherwise quick and smooth assembly.  I had to rip it out twice before getting it to an acceptable state. Even though it is still not perfect I feel comfortable using FOE on knit again. I think it is just going to take some practice. 

I am so happy I was able to complete Hannah's Easter dress as well as an everyday dress, now I can get focused on baby preparations and know I am ahead of the game.

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