Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall! - Apple Pancakes

Happy first day of Fall y'all!

This past week I encountered one of the most challenging parts of having a child with dietary restrictions, food at school, specifically in the classroom. I'm thankful that our dietary restrictions are not life or death however that are just as important to adhere to just the same. In a lot of ways this makes it more difficult though. People who are not accustom to having to make major lifestyle changes like this don't tend to take it seriously even when it is doctor proscribed.

School has been in session for a smidge less then a month and we have had these events come up 3 times already, one of which was daily for the first two weeks of school. This time was apple pancakes for the study of Johnny Appleseed. When I read this was coming up this week and the ingredient list was being divided amongst the parents my stomach sunk and immediately started worrying the "what if's". "What if they don't realize that no dairy includes all products like butter or that labels aren't clearly read." "What if they do both gluten free and regular pancakes but cross contaminate with the spatula or something." My first instinct is to retreat and opt out of these activities but reality sets in that I can not have my child miss out on an opportunity to be involved with his class.

I'm happy to say this apple pancake activity was a success. I think the teacher & class aid heard me an understood. I was surprised when I found out that they were planning on making all of them gluten, dairy and peanut free. I was concerned with how they might turn out since not all alternative products are the same (I've had my fair share of bad gluten free and dairy free pancakes) but I recieved a happy report that they were delicious. The teacher sent home copies of the recipes they sounded awesome. My son went on and on with how great they were so we tried them out for breakfast this morning. OH MY GOODNESS THESE ARE GOOD!

(please forgive the pictures this was very impromptu and I decided halfway through making these this morning that I just had to share)
So I kinda messed up the the recipe when I made it (I'm not a morning person, following directions is just too much me) I included the oil in the batter, Ooops! But it still turned out. They were delicious!
I grated the apples with the skins on as recommended.
The chef's plate. Pancake #8 and the first one I was able to try, the kids were inhaling them. The gluten free flour mix I used is the Simple Truth Organic brand from Krogers. I'm thinking that the King Arthur brand would be good here as well. I tend to stay away from blends with sorghum flour, I find it has a bitter taste but maybe that's just me. I also prefer unsweetened soy milk (West Soy or Soy Dream) for my cooking and baking. I've tried coconut, almond and rice milks but they have left undesired flavors or chewy, gummy or under cooked consistencies. 
 Nothing better then a well seasoned cast iron grittle. Watch out these burn quick don't walk away!


2 apples cored and grated
2 cups gluten free all purpose baking or pancake mix
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup soy milk (or alternative milk of your choice)
1/2 cup canola oil

Stir together the grated apple, gluten free baking mix, cinnamon & brown sugar to a bowl. Coating each strand of apple with the dry mix (this help keep the apple evenly distributed in the batter). In a separate bowl or large measuring cup whisk together the egg, milk and oil (I'm sticking with my oops, it was good!). Add the milk egg mix to the apple mix. Stir till smooth. Ladle and spread desired amounts on a lightly greased griddle or skillet that is over medium low heat. Cook to golden and flip cook again till golden and serve.

Happy Breakfast!
What made these even more special was that we used the apples we just picked as a family. Apple picking has been an annual tradition for me since moving to Ohio in 1994. I love that this is now a family event that my kids look forward to. Even though the calendar doesn't reflect it, apple picking is the official kick off to Fall for me😊

By far this is my favorite season but also my busiest season. Every year I hope to enjoy all that Fall has to offer but usually fall short;) This year will probably be the same but I'm holding out hope that this is the best Fall yet!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Concert Dress

Wow August was a busy month! It's hard to believe it's September and the two of the kiddos are back in school. I've spent my "extra" time trying to get caught up on things that I can not seem to get done with three in the house. Fortunately, sewing is one of the things I can do with all of them around. Good thing too because I've been back to sewing up a storm. With the anticipation of school I created a new pattern for a boxy pencil bag, sewed a bunch and spent some time selling them. I have a fall craft show I signed up for and started preparing for. I will share what I will be selling at the show over the next weeks.
One of my sewing projects this month has been a concert dress. I was asked to take a womens extra-small concert t-shirt and make it into a dress for a little girl. This lucky little girl is going to the concert and has a backstage pass to meet the artist. I feel honored that I was asked to create the dress for the event. It was a bit of challenge to find the right style that didn't lose to much of the image on the t-shirt.
 Sadly, I lost part of the name on the front but I was able to salvage the back.
I settled on a raglan peasant style bodice with elastic neckline and sleeve. After deliberation this style provided the width to best take advantage of the image. This little girl likes to twirl so a skirt was a necessity. I used two full widths of fabric to make sure it had plenty of twirl.
(When I took these pictures the little lady had not yet tried on the dress so I hadn't finished the casement for the elastic neckline and the arms. I was waiting so I can have her try it on so we can make it the perfect fit.)
It's fun to make a completely custom item. It can be a daunting at first but the outcome is always very rewarding.

Time to get back to the sewing machine and mass productions mode : )

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